A Window in the Past: Rethymno, Crete

Window in the Past is a project in which I combine photos of the past with photos of the present.
Every photo is captured at the exact same spot but with 50-90 years difference.
This project is about learning and respecting our history and where we came from.​​​​​​​

Lyceum: 1930, 2017

Prefecture: ~1930, 2017

Town Hall: 1947, 2018

Statue of the Unknown Soldier: ~1930, 2018

Sundial: 1943, 2017 (Photo take by a German Soldier)

Guora Gate: 1945, 2017

Rimondi Fountain: ~1950, 2018

Metropolitan Church: 1950, 2018 (Built in 1894)

Egyptian Lighthouse: ~1950-1970, 2017

Venetian Harbour: 1950, 2017

This project is not finished and will never be.
I am always in search of old photos of my hometown, Rethymno.
History is a great teacher and "Without History, there will be no Future"

Thanks for Watching!

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